Mr. Ran Karan Bhakar is the Chairman of the group and is one of the founding member of the Group. Mr. Bhakar Chairs the Educational wing of the group as well as Looking after and supervising the other activities Across the verticals. His vision and supervision is Driving force for the organization and as a true Leader he always leads from the front. His key areas are Education and Mining.


Coming from humble upbringing and through sheer hard work and perseverance has achieved unparralled success in work career. Birju singh is a JOINT MANAGING DIRECTOR and another Key founding member of the group. Mr. Birju is holder of M.COM degree and has 10 years of experience in Public Sector. Mr. Birju has been instrumental in rise of the group in past decade and more. He is entrusted with resource management and acquisition and hence holds a key position of visionary for the group. Actively involved in decision making process of all sectors of Group activities. Amongst various responsibilities Mr. Birju is entrusted with taking the Dreamax to its rightful place in future.


Mr. Sita Ram is the JOINT MANAGING DIRECTOR and is one of the founding member of the group over looks one of the biggest sector of the group “Real Estate”. Holding M.Com degree and has 2 decades of experience in Real Estate sector and with his education background Commerce and having done M.Com he has achieved excellence in the real sector and successfully overseen the completion several group project and overseeing the ongoing project. Strategic Planning and managing legal logistics of the sector is his key contribution.