Dreamax Group’s, besides Real Estate industry, Mining was one of its starting activity. Having in depth Knowledge of geography of Rajasthan State and strong local presence with locals and high-ranking people in the mining sector, mining was a natural opportunity for the growth of the group. Having engaged in mining for a decade the group has diversified in this sector in various areas as described below.

Today the group carries business of MINING, TRADING, IMPORTING, EXPORTING and MARKETING of various minerals, mainly marble, granite, laterite, lime stone, sand stone, slabs, tiles and other building material. Also it engaged colored gemstones stones. It is also engaged in processing and distribution of waste and by products arising out of its mining activities. It is also engaged processing and distribution of marbles, granite and color stones from all over the world.

The operations started in 2004 in past decade the company has successfully acquired several mines of various minerals.These mines produce Marble, Granite, Feldspar Quartz and Gypsum.

In 2015 Dreamax Marble Center was established in Jaipur and Kishangarh as its distribution arm for its mine products and other imported minerals. The warehouse size of 10,000 sq. ft. was constructed to facilitate its activity in Jaipur and Kishangarh.

Besides other material in its warehouse at Dreamax Marble center also offers at any point of time Qty. of ready stock in excess of 3,00,000 sq. ft. approx. of Granite and marble locally produced and imported also.

Marble_product Marble:
Rajsamand (Rajasthan)
Area of lease allotted: 5 Hectare X 3
Estimated Reserve: 40 million tones Jaipur (Rajasthan)
Area of Lease allotted: 10 Hectare
Group has recently finalized on a lease of a mine in Rajsamand with large deposits and mining of the same will start shortly.

Granite_product Granite:
Badmer (Rajasthan)
Area of lease allotted: 5 Hectares X 2
Estimated reserve: 50 million tones
Group is moving ahead in processing materials in Granite and currently negotiating processing unite in Southern India.

feldspar_product Feldspar:
Neem Ka Thana, Sikar(Rajasthan)
Area of lease allotted: 32 hectare + 5 hectare X 2
Estimated reserve: 5 million tones.
The project (mine & milling plant) started two years ago and presently operations are carried out with skilled manpower and newly purchased HEMM equipment’s. The present fleet and plant capacity is 500 tons per day to mill 200 mesh feldspar output. Group has acquired 4 more mines totally to 26 hectares and mining of the same will start in near future as assessment preparatory work is in progress.

Sardar Samand, Jodhpur (Rajasthan)
Area of lease allotted: 60 hectares
Estimated reserve: 7 million tones.
The project is recently started with hired contractor’s equipment. The mining capacity is 100 tons per day. The major consumers are Ceramics, Glass and Refractory industries in different parts of India. Dreamax is engaged in exporting of Quartz powder to international markets mainly Latin America. The Group has created local employment by engaging local contractors to process quartz. It has set up its own 2 facilities also for processing.

Gypsum_product Gypsum:
Badmer (Rajasthan)
Area of lease allotted: 32 Hectare
Estimated reserve: 5 million tones
Group is actively looking to add more mines in this area