AUTOPAL-MERITO “Professional in LED” is founded by Autopal group. A brand pioneering in India in the field of lighting industry since 28 years. The brand is endlessly contributing towards the progression of the next generation LED lighting technology.

The group formed a partnership with G. K. Autopal Lighting Solutions LLP. Mr. Kunj Bihari Sharda of G.K. Autopal Lighting Solutions LLP is groups Partner. He has vast experience in the business of LED lighting products.

G.K. Autopal Lighting Solutions LLP aims to stimulate lighting industry across the Globe. Desirous to deliver the quality oriented services. The new formed LLP is geared up to assemble a plant for L.E.D. based lighting applications including LED Streetlights, LED Bulbs and a wide range of lighting and electronic equipment’s. G.K. Autopal is OEM Producer for world renown brands like PHILIPS, OSRAM, WIPRO, HAVELLS etc.

Recently the groups has been successful in gaining confidence from The Rajasthan Government. It has started working with Rajasthan Government Co-Operative Department by supplying its LED products.